Liwo Small Immunity Booster Kit


Presenting, best of the best for entire family where nothing is compromised – not even the

Immunity Boosting Products especially designed for entire family in mind which is tasty protective.


Liwo Small Immunity Booster Kit

Liwo Immunity Booster Kit

In this kit Five products are available

  1. Liwo Immunity Kadha
  2. Liwo Green Tea
  3. Liwo Immunity Awaleh
  4. Liwo Vita-C++
  5. Liwo Lung Protect

Liwo Immunity Kadha

We need to keep our immunity high at this time of Pandemic. Let’s understand what are the herbs that improve Immunity directly or indirectly.

  1. Herbs that Work on Immunity: There are herbs that are known to work directly on Immune system and boost it. Herbs like Giloy, Ashwagandha, Mulethi etc directly work on Immunity.
  2. Herbs that work on Mental Health: Even mental health plays a good role on Immunity. There are many references available where it says if you are happy it will impact your immunity positively. Therefore; we need to take the herbs that works on mental health as well.
  3. Herbs that work on GUT Health: Principal on which Ayurveda works is different from Allopathy. Whatever you take as food and if your body doesn’t digest it, it’s as good as waste. Therefore; We needed herbs that work on the GUT health as well mainly keeping your digestive system healthy so that the herbs that you take should get absorbed in your body.
  4. Herbs that work on Respiratory Health: Situations like Covid-19 infections impact respiratory health very badly. so we need to put those herbs that helps support upper respiratory tract infections including lungs etc.

Liwo Immunity Awaleh

Presenting, best of the best especially for kids where nothing is compromised – not even the
Kids are really finicky about the taste. Kids don’t like to eat things which are not good in taste.
Mamma & Papa don’t have to force their kids to eat immunity products.
Immunity Boosting Products especially designed for kids in mind which is tasty.
Best of the Best Especially for Kids
Awleh in Chatpata Taste – For Immunity Boosting & other health benefits
Prepared from fresh Amla
Made with 100% Natural and Premium ingredients.- No Side effects

Liwo Vita-C++

C++ is no more a Programming Language
Do you want you kids to consume 100% Natural Vitamin-C?
Say Good Bye to Chemicals & Go for 100% Natural Products for Immunity Boosting
100% Natural Vitamin-C with Zinc & other micronutrients – that taste like cold drinks
Tasty like Orange cold drinks but healthy
Kids will love to eat: Mamma & Papa don’t have to give immunity booster forcefully to their kids.
Made with 100% Natural and Premium ingredients.- No Side effects

Liwo Lung Protect

First time in the entire world,
100% Natural solution to protect your lung without any side effects
If you are smoker, you will see the difference from the first day itself.
You can measure Lung Protect performance yourself
What is expected after using Lung Protect product for couple of days?
1. You will be able to hold your breath for longer time
2. You will see improvements in breath capacity. If you have problems climbing stairs, you will feel
the difference
If you are smoker or if you are living in an area with high air pollution, this product is a must for you. You
will see the major difference with in a week of use itself.
Lung Protect is expected to nullify the impact of smoking on your lung if you take it daily as a supplement.

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